Oaths of the First King

Chapter 1
The Way of Goblins

The Last Lantern Inn

Each member of the party arrived at The Last Lantern Inn in their own time. Anyaka and Tarrok being the only two to arrive together, due to their previous history. Despite the constant rain and lateness of their arrival, they found the inn to be packed, but were fortunate enough to get the last three rooms available (mostly due to the fact that they, unlike many of the travelers that day, actually had the money to afford it).

As the night wore on, each of the adventurer’s spent the evening in their own way: Anyaka gathered a small crowd around the hearth to tell frightening tales, while Tarrok attempted to assist with sound effects. Eramil Andantaal cornered a half-orc trader Killroth for information about full-blooded orcs. Unfortunately, the conversation quickly turned to Killroth’s newest venture: an easily portable drink that would give adventurers all of their dietary needs for the day, called “Killroth’s Corn Shakes.” Meanwhile, Elan took in the scenery, and later struck up a conversation with Anyaka, once her stories were finished.

After some time, and most of the bar’s patrons took to their respective rooms, tents and spaces on the floor to sleep, Tarrok took to looking for horses that they might be able to use in the morning. He was interrupted when a Gnome farmer ran into the inn, and subsequently, into Tarrok’s leg. He was followed by a one-eyed dwarf, who informed the larger man that something was going through the supplies that all of the traders had brought with them. This roused the rest of the party, as well as the inn’s owner Griff, and after some talk of payment was taken care of, the party took to find out what was behind the commotion.

Goblins, as it turns out. They had taken to stealing supplies and “shinies” (mostly money, but anything that had a glimmer was fair game to them), to take back to their base. The party deftly dealt with the three thieves, killing one and keeping a second as hostage, while the third ran off into the brush.

With the aid of their goblin hostage, the party was able to find their way to where the rest of the group had made camp, with the intention of raiding as many merchants as they could, and bringing back the supplies to their hideout. While walking the forest path, the party was jumped by another group of goblins in hiding, tipped off by the one that got away. Unfortunately their ambush didn’t go quite as planned, with a stray arrow from one of them taking out the hostage. A fight in the dark downpour occurred, and the party was able to come away victorious, save for one goblin that once again got away in order to warn the rest of the camp.

Following the trail that the frightened goblin had left them, they were lead to a small clearing, hidden in the densest part of the forest, which housed the remains of a very ancient temple. Only a weathered statue remained, as well as a few walls, with makeshift gates and a few tents in the center. Here, the party found many of the supplies that had been thieved from merchants over the years, mostly gone to waste, along with the remains of the goblin culprits, along with their wolf guards. They were able to take the group mostly by surprise. With the aid of a magical fog, as well as a few surprise arrows, the party took take of the remaining threat. All that was left was to investigate the area, and try to find any stolen goods that may have survived.


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