Most of modern Rynia is built on the bones of The Old Empire, a name given to the ancient civilization who’s history is all but lost. Today, all that remains are old ruins and ancient machines that have been reclaimed by nature.

Rynia Today

The continent that is Rynia is a wild land, dotted with small points of hope that comprise most of its civilized people. Small villages are connected by wild roads, with the largest being walled city-states that have militias to patrol their meager borders. Most folk rely on adventurers to keep the roads clear and towns safe from marauding bandits, orcs, or even the undead. It is a hard world to live in, and those that are brave enough to explore it can be heartily rewarded, should they survive.

The Vale of the Maker

The first true kingdom to appear in almost a millennium, the vale lies far to the north, surrounded on its south, east and west borders by treacherous mountains, closing it off from the rest of the world. The mountains protect the vale itself from the harshest of weather, leaving it a tranquil place most of the year. The land is fertile and is rich with many lush forests.

Kayden the Raiser, paladin of Corinth, is the king of the vale. With the aid of his Knights of Corinth, they swept through the vale, pushing back the orcs that had made it their home. In the ten years that passed, they have turned the once barren land into something more than a number of settlements: it has become a point of hope for many of the downtrodden of Rynia, and people from around the continent have begun to flock to the kingdom.

Locations of Interest in the Vale:


Oaths of the First King Zhuangzi