Where Chaos Reigns, Order Must Be Formed


Centuries have passed since the last great kingdom expanded across the world of Rynia. Much was lost when it fell; nothing is known of who its people were, or what creations they took with them into the ashes of antiquity. The remnants of crumbling ruins are all that are left of a civilization so great that it once covered a whole planet.

Living in this time is a danger unto itself. Small outcroppings of civilization have formed where they can. Mostly farming communities, baronies, or at best, small city-states that have formed their own personal armies to better protect their walls. Besieged on all sides by unknown creatures, dark and wild magics, and the elements themselves, this is a period that has given way to a new profession: The Adventurer.

There are always problems that need fixing, and when people are too afraid to do it themselves, that’s where the adventurer comes in. Slaying goblins in an old mine, defending a farm from raiders, or simply escorting a merchant to another village; adventurers are known to do anything for the right price.

However, rumors have begun to spread of something new; beyond the snow capped mountains in the north lies a valley protected from the elements. There, it is said that a paladin and his knights have begun to carve a kingdom from the scorched holdings of the orcs. As the rumors spread, so does something else: A flicker of hope. Already many flock to The Valley of the Maker, to towns and fields that are free from monsters, to roads that can be walked without fear of bandits, and borders that are protected by soldiers. A new world. A safe world.

While some wish to see it with their own eyes, there are others that wish for the prosperity that a kingdom can offer. Others wish for new lands to adventure in, as no land is perfectly safe. Others still, hope to use this new land to their own greedy ends.

And so they make their way.

Oaths of the First King

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