Argus Halfstone

Knight of Corinth, Spymaster of the Vale


The one-eyed dwarf is one of the six Knights of Corinth, under direct command of King Kayden. His main base of operations is Lightwatch, one of the five watchtowers that dot the vale. Argus spends a lot of time out of uniform, traveling from city to city, relying mostly on himself to gather information.

Quick to make jokes about dwarves being sneaky, Argus is as lighthearted as they come. He has found a good method of ingratiating himself to travelers in order to learn information, and rarely reveals his true identity, unless he has something planned.

An old friend of Griff, who he remains in contact with, partially due to their professional reputation, but mostly due to their close proximity.


Along with the other Knights of Corinth, led the army that pushed the orcs of the vale back to their current holdout in the west. Argus’ main duties included subterfuge, sabotage and information gathering. Through the days of the war, he slowly built up a network of spies and informants that remains ten years later.

Argus Halfstone

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