Owner and bartender of The Last Lantern Inn


Griff is an aged and grizzled human, who carries the weight of his years on his face. Although he’s quick to complain, deep down he’s thankful for his good fortune these past few years, coming into ownership of the inn that rests at the only way into the Vale of the Maker. Treats his friends well, but doesn’t have many due to his demeanor.


Came to the vale early, before the mass pilgrimages began. Originally a mercenary in his youth, he quickly found a place in Kayden’s army, driving back the orcs. His service ended early with a shattered leg. Although he mostly recovered, he was no longer capable of active duty. In exchange for ownership of the inn being built on the path leading into the vale, he agreed to be an informant for Argus, and the two have built a strong friendship since then.


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