Half-Orc trader


An aged half-orc with grey hair and a long, unkempt, beard to match. He’s incredibly energetic and quick to integrate himself into conversations, or even into the company of others. Will talk for hours if allowed. He always seems to have some new get rich quick scheme in the works, and while most of the time they’re legal, all of the time he will try to incorporate his new friends into whatever he’s planning.


Killroth has been a trader for most of his life, moving from one town to another, selling all sorts of random goods and wares he happens to collect during his travels. Most people are a little off-put by a half-orc merchant, but his heritage has actually made him incredibly successful, as most bandits are equally as weary of a lone half-orc. As such, he is able to get around much easier than other merchants, and saves money on protection, despite his actual lack of combat prowess.

He has a reputation of trading with all that will have him, including the less civilized races, such as orcs or lizardmen. He has a knack for getting into places that others cannot, and has been able to meet with many rulers because of it.

Like many other merchants, Killroth traveled north towards the new kingdom in order to strike it rich. Unlike other merchants, however, he intends to stay in the vale for a spell, dealing with the soldiers, as well as the townspeople.


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