The Last Lantern Inn

The Last Lantern Inn

"The path through the mountains, if one could even call it a path, was perilous at best. The snow has been relentless, and the cold was even worse. Fortunately, some brave souls have placed lanterns on poles to help guide the inexperienced along the safest route. They have done their job admirably, keeping many from sliding off into bottomless chasms, or from freezing during the constant blizzards.

After days of traversing those godsforsaken mountains, the snow gave way to a steady rain, and the green of trees and grass became a more common sight. It was on the evening of the sixth day that you saw it: a clearing in the rock and tress, with a number of wagons surrounding tents and fire pits on one side, and on the other, a sizable wood structure that seemed to be built to survive the harshest of weather.

An inviting light radiates from the windows of the building. A lantern, much like those that have kept you safe on this journey, hangs from a poll in front of the building, shining through the rain. A sign hangs over the doors of the Inn that reads ‘The Last Lantern.’ You’ve made it.”

The Last Lantern Inn is a sturdy, sizable building that lays on the path that leads into the Vale of the Maker. Owned and ran by its aged proprietor, Griff, with the assistance of his barmaid Nalya. It rests in a clearing on the mountain path, outside the range of the blizzards, and surrounded by a dense collection of trees.

In the last year, the inn has seen a large influx of traffic, with travelers from all of Rynia flocking to the new kingdom. Although the inn has twenty rooms, it just can’t handle the amount of traffic it is seeing. Many camp in the clearing at night, or even on the floor of the barroom itself.

Recently, its troubles with goblins raiding their supplies was dealt with, when a group of adventurers were able to chase the creatures back to their camp, which happened to be an old ruin that was hidden behind the inn. The ruin seemed to at one point be a temple most definitely of the Old Empire, with its walls now crumbling and a weathered statue, depicting a elven woman kneeling, presenting a sword above her at its center. The remains of an inscription could be found underneath:

The Last Lantern Inn

Oaths of the First King Zhuangzi